Welcome to the Wellness Center "Miracle Naftalan" Azerbaijan Republic

We invite you to become a witness and participant in this miracle of nature.

The Centre operates year-round since 2007. The average duration of treatment in the center for 15 days. Admission to the center done by prior arrangement for cash and vouchers to trade unions
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AZ 4600,  Azerbaijan Republic, Naftalan city,
20 Nizami Ganjavi str. Wellness Center "Miracle Naftalan"
Phone:(+994255) 2-31-65; (+994255) 2-31-95
Fax     (+994255) 2-31-65
Director:(+99450) 314-36-68;  (+99455) 682-15-82
Head doctor:      (+99450) 315-48-29
E-mail: info@az-naftalan.net;  Skype: az-naftalan