Health resort

resortThe resort is located in the coniferous forest park at the foot of the Caucasian Mountains is famous not only in our republic, but also far beyond. Naftalan oil successfully used in treating many diseases since the Middle Ages, became the reason for the creation of the resort in 1935. The resort is situated on the territory of Goranboy, 320 km from the capital, Baku, 70 km from the city of Ganja and 18 km from the railway station Goran. The resort is situated at an altitude of 220-250 meters above sea level. A subtropical climate with high insolation. Summer is dry, hot, winters warm. The average annual temperature is 14 *C. Precipitation minor, 100-250 mm per year. Moderate winds, mostly north-west.
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AZ 4600,  Azerbaijan Republic, Naftalan city,
20 Nizami Ganjavi str. Wellness Center "Miracle Naftalan"
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