Naftalan oil

naftalan oilAs in the resort in the wellness center "The Miracle of  Naftalan" basic medical factor - naftalan oil which has no analogues in the world.
Naftalan oil - a thick, black - brown liquid with a specific, aromatic odor. Naftalan has high viscosity, acidic, high specific gravity (0.91 - 0.96), high boiling point (220  *C and above). Freezing temperature (-20 *C). When mixed with water is a relatively stable emulsion.
Naftalan has a complex chemical composition and is very resinous, a little sour, without paraffin oil, and contains almost no light fractions such as gasoline, kerosene, naphtha.

Naftalan contains:
1. Naphthenic hydrocarbons - 50-55%
2. Aromatic hydrocarbons - 10-15%
3. Resinous substance - 14-15%
4. Naphthenic acids - 0,5-3%
5. Sulfur - 0,25-0,7%
6. Nitrogenous compounds - 0,3%
7. Micro-elements (copper, zinc, manganese, lithium, boron, iodine, bromine, etc.)
naftalan oilThe main active principle naftalan are naphthenic hydrocarbons (due to the presence in their composition cyclopentane - hydro phenanthrene skeleton which is a part of many enzymes, hormones and other physiologically active substances), which possess anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vasodilator, anti-allergic, stimulating trophic functions, which increases the intensity of metabolic activity, stimulates spermatogenesis, accelerates ovulation and oogenesis.
Because of these properties naftalan oil in our center, we treat over 70 diseases.
Bromine water Naftalan origin - it is water extracted together with naphthalan oil, which contains in its structure all the minerals available in the naftalan. Bromine water treatment given to patients contraindicated naftalan treatment.

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