Legend of Naftalan

Sarwan - karavanbashi fell into thought - the most powerful and beloved camel - leader fell ill at all: he has dropped out tufts of hair, rash and sores all over his body. He could barely walk and the cargo, which was laden, obviously he was not under force, and the distance to the country counted in two months. To consider and take action, he ordered the caravan to stop and cook a hot meal.
Sarwan began to survey the area. It was plain. To the south began piedmont hills, passing in the distant ridge spurs. Sarvan had to take a serious decision - unhook the leader of the caravan, leaving loved nara to their fate or predatory. He is not the first time passed this place and knew that the climate is mild, although vegetation was poorly developed, but the food was enough for the patient camel. Among the bushes were full of puddles of oily brown-brown color.
    The load was distributed among the remaining camels and caravan was ready to continue its long journey with expensive goods - silk from faraway countries. Sarwan last time he looked around at the terrain, as if remembering her. The territory on three sides were bordered by low hills and just to the north, toward the vast Kur river lowland, it equal. There and had his way Sarwan.
Was not one month, when Sarwan was again on the way to distant lands. When he got out of the foothills to the lowlands, he saw the drying of the river on the plain and immediately remembered an abandoned his ailing leader - a camel. Sarwan bitterly recalled the former, when the weakness of the animal, bogged down in slush brown liquid, and could only hold helplessly hiding behind the hillock caravan of their fellows.
Thoughtful Sarwan saw a mirage ... Its leader, very close, peaceful large eyes staring at him. On signs, known only to him, he realized that it was his camel. Before him, cocked his head high, standing with a camel hair shining in the sun, sores on the skin was gone. But on the body of a camel could see traces of a brown oil. After thinking Sarwan remembered "What if this oil is so transformed the four-legged?" He announced the caravan stop on the night, and ordered to cook a hot meal, and he dipped his feet warmed by the sun in a brown oily mass. Seven days later, he felt a dramatic change. The movement became more energetic, legs, without any signs of pain, were ready to walk and walk.
Seeing that the cure sick camel case with the help of a magical miracle oil, touching in the way of the caravan, Sarwan was the tale spread around the world for healing and began to chant a poem about the naphtha ...
During the healing oil to sources Naftalan pulled caravans of camels. Conversely, they returned laden with skins with the miraculous liquid.

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