History of Naftalan

History of Naftalan can be divided into 5 main stages
    I - covers the historical period of XII - XIII centuries. When the first written mention of the treatment of oil in the works of the great Azerbaijani poet and thinker Nizami Ganjavi and XIII century Italian traveler Marco Polo.
   II historical period can be called Jaeger. This period covers the end of XIX century the beginning of XX century. In 1873, German engineer, EI Jaeger, laid the first borehole in Naftalan, then in 1890 built a small plant for the preparation of ointments of naftalan and built lechebnitsus cemented shared pools. Seeing the growing interest in EI naftalan oil Jaeger closes factory and hospital, and sends the entire naphthalene extracted for the manufacture of ointments into Germany.
Made ointments Jaeger sent to different doctors - a practice in Europe to publish in the current medical literature, the results of their observations. In a relatively short period Jaeger managed to collect about 600 times the German and other doctors in Europe and America and published the book "reviews Naftalan in 1898 year in Dresden. This book was translated into Russian and published in 1904 in Tiflis. In Russia, the first report of Naftalan was made physician F.G Rozenbaumomyav Caucasian Medical Society in 1896.
During World War I in a field bag every German and Japanese soldiers had naftalan ointment for the treatment of gunshot wounds and frostbite. The beginning of World War I ended Jaeger period.
    III historical period begins the establishment of Soviet power in Azerbaijan (1920-1991). Starting from 1926 performed a fundamental study naftalan - its physical, chemical, geological, and biological properties. As a result of these studies in 1935 I opened a seasonal resort of the 25 seasonal beds that developing and expanding in 1965 became the all allied health resort of 1500 beds. In 1967 the village became a town naphthalene. In 1982, based on the combined sanatorium formed sanatorium - resort association. "Naphthalene" with 3200 beds.
    IV historical period (1992 - 2003) characterized by the disappearance Naphthalan drugs from the pharmacy network and the cessation of the arrival of patients from the former Soviet Union.
In 5 of 6 health centers spa associations were housed refugees from Armenia and Karabakh. Armenian propaganda machine led her dirty work that the resort naphthalene is not the border with front line military operations and there is dangerous.
     Stage V - the modern stage history Naftalan - Decree of the President of Azerbaijan "On the economic development of regions", the enactment of the resorts has led to a qualitatively new direction Naftalan development - the emergence of one after the other nursing homes, the improvement of services suggests that, close to the day when resort Naftalan will take its rightful place among the resorts in the world.

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