Naftalan treatment

treatmentNaftalan has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vasodilator, anti-allergic, stimulating trophic functions, which increases the intensity of metabolic activity, stimulates spermatogenesis, accelerates the processes of ovulation and oogenesis.
 For naphthalan bath in the native (natural) naphthalene. Temperature baths naphthalan 37 - 38C. The time taking the first bath - 8 minutes, subsequent bath - 10 minutes. The first three baths are taken in a day, others - 2 -3 days bath, day break. Course of treatment 10 - 12 naphthalan baths.
Naphthalan bath is appointed as general (speed bumps), sitting and chamber baths.
Total (recumbent) naftalan bath - the patient lies down in the bath so that the area of the heart was left open.
Seated naftalan bath - the patient sits in a bathtub on a belt and plunges his hands into the tub.
Chamber bath - the patient sits on a special seat and sink his feet into the tub.
After bathing the patient is cleaned from the remnants of naftalan special scraper, wipes and paper takes a shower. Water temperature 38 - 39 on, when you shower no more than 15 - 20 minutes. Not recommended shampooing immediately after bathing.
Need to rest for an hour after bathing. During naphthalan baths, usually at the reception 1 - 4  bath comes balneoreactions in the form of general (general weakness, headaches, insomnia, intestinal disorders, etc.) and local (increasing pain, skin rash, itching, bruises on her legs, etc) reactions . With proper bathing these manifestations take place by the end of treatment.
Upon occurrence balneoreactions need to contact your doctor.
 Action naftalan treatment lasts 1.5 - 2 months and comes after a steady effect.

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